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What are the main advantages of GstarCAD?

  • Independent intellectual property
  • Reasonable price
  • Shortest time to learn how to use
  • Similar interface with AutoCAD
  • Compatible with AutoCAD

What's the difference between GstarCAD Professional, GstarCAD Standard and GstarCAD Academic?

GstarCAD Standard includes the function of 2D plane drawing. GstarCAD Professional adds 3D and dynamical block functions on the base of Standard version; Academic version includes all the functions, but there are watermarks on printings and the size of drawings are limited.

Sometimes when users open a drawing but some entities don't display. Why?

If you uses standard version to open your drawing which contains some 3D entities such as region, 3D solid, this condition will happen; If you use professional version, such condition will disappear.

Does GstarCAD offer localization version?

Is GstarCAD compatible with .dwg?

Does GstarCAD Standard support dynamic block function?

How long is the free charge period of GstarCAD Trial Version?

If I change my computer, will GstarCAD work properly on another PC?

How long will I use GstarCAD since buying it?

Where does GstarCAD save the auto saved files?

Why does GstarCAD generate some ".bak" files after open it?

Why doesn't my .dwg file show the preview of drawings?

How long should auto save time be set?

How to recover drawings when accident happens such as blackout or system crash?

Whether can GstarCAD encrypt file when saving a file?

Can GstarCAD create PDF?

How should I do if the command line and status bar disappear?

How to switch the interface of GstarCAD to Classic interface?

How to switch drawings when multiple drawings are opening?

How to use big icons at Toolbar?

How to callout toolbar when using Ribbon interface?

How to accelerate operation?

How to customize selection of the size of pickbox and snap aperture?

Why circle or arc appear to be polygon?

Why attribute text cannot be displayed in attribute block?

The elements of the dimension are not formed into a single object, but separate objects. Why?

Why doesn't the "Open" dialog box display?

Why do hatched entities disappear?

Why do I just pick one last entity when I want to select multiple entities?

How to restore the initial settings of GstarCAD?

Why the middle mouse button cannot pan the object?

How to adjust the color and size of the crosshair?

Why are the external references darker?

Why cannot edit the external references in-place?

How can I do? If Z coordinate of certain lines is not 0 which will lead to abnormality of chamfer and trim?

How to create group and explode group in GstarCAD?

How to add hatch patterns?

How to display line width in view?

How to customize aliases?

How to add font files?

Why is the text size in GstarCAD different from that in AutoCAD?

How to set the function of right-click button as "Confirm" not the shortcut menu?

How to rotate texts to horizontal automatically by double click when editing vertical or slant texts?

Why doesn't some content in the drawing print out?

How to realize monochrome printing with GstarCAD?

I'm a developer. Can I develop my own applications based on GstarCAD? If I already developed applications based on AutoCAD, can I run it directly under GstarCAD?

How to load LISP application in GstarCAD? How to load LISP automatically when GstarCAD startup?

Can ARX program run on GstarCAD directly?

What's the function of design center in GstarCAD?

What kind of OS can be supported by GstarCAD MC currently?

What is the difference between GstarCAD MC and GstarCAD MC Pro?

How to convert .dwg files to OCF format?

What's the difference between OCF and DWG?

If the conversion to OCF format function of GstarCAD still works after the free of charge period?

How does GstarCAD MC for iOS transmit drawings and fonts between mobile devices and computers?

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