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Tips for Using GstarCAD8 – Export Attribute Information

   August 23, 2013

The GstarCAD Express Tools contain a library of productivity tools designed to help you extend the power of your design. They are easy to use, easily integrated into your menus and toolbars, and cover a wide range of functions, including dimensioning, drawing, and selecting and modifying objects. Now, we'll do a brief introduction about Export Attribute Information tool:

The function of Export Attribute Information tool is to Export block attribute to an external file in tab-delimited ASCII format.

There are two ways to open this command:

1. Menu: Express>Blocks>Export Attribute Information
2. Command Entry: ATTOUT

Once performed ATTOUT command, specify file name and save path in "Enter output filename" dialog box, then command line prompts: Select entities: Specify the blocks whose attributes you want to export.

The block names and attributes are exported to the named file. If the file already exists, you are prompted before it is overwritten. You can easily view attributes in a spreadsheet format and edit individual attribute values. Then you can enter the new values into the drawing file, using the ATTIN command.