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New U.S. Patch Version of GstarCAD8 Released

   September 10, 2013

With the new release of GstarCAD8, it’s featured a bunch of new functionalities and a new structure. As expected, the imperial is available in U.S. Patch Version of GstarCAD8 now, to accord with the original customers’ operating habits; GstarCAD8 continues to use the “Imperial” or “Metric” selection mode in previous versions. When users start a new drawing with GstarCAD8, a dialogue box will prompt them to set “Imperial” or “Metric” system.

The drawing unit type typically used in the U.S.A. is known in the industry as "Imperial" units (feet and inches). This type of measurement system is used only in the United States and Burma. Other countries use the "System International" (or "SI") for drawing units. This is based on the metric system where all dimensions are measured in millimeters. "Millimeters" and "Meters" are the units used in Engineering and Architecture, and now, the U.S. Patch Version of GstarCAD8 uses this practice as well in the drawing.

Besides, a new engine is applied in GstarCAD8; it ensures more .dwg and APIs compatibility, more fluid data exchange and big room for further improvement and development. GstarCAD8 uses new technologies like smart graphic partition, self-adaptive data model and memory storage management boost from 3 to 5 times user design experience, handling less graphic data and memory occupancy especially on complex tasks or huge drawings.

Download U.S. Patch Version of GstarCAD8 at: