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As the Release of GstarCAD8 -- GstarCAD is Growing Perfect

   September 24, 2013

In the CAD industry, a new updated CAD program will be released every year. Among these new versions, CAD software developers will do some improvement for the software, such as adding new functions and performance improving, all these jobs are making CAD software perfect.

To GstarCAD, 2013 is a special year. GstarCAD8 was launched in the April this year, which is created based on independent intellectual property rights and has its own core architecture.

Marketing Director of Gstarsoft explained, for the long-term of view, the launch of GstarCAD8 made the CAD software development out of the limitation of original architecture to develop CAD software which meets the need of market; more importantly, the use of independent intellectual property rights gave more freedom to CAD developers and to made them provide different CAD products.

Among newly launched CAD programs in 2013, there were surprises brought to users. Such as GstarCAD8, because of its brand new graphic engine, the speed of opening and editing drawings is not only significantly higher than the old version but also higher than the similar top CAD software around the world. Furthermore, the new architecture and API made its stability and compatibility more excellent.