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GstarCAD8 September 30th Patch Version -- Improvements and updates Introduction (1)

   October 13, 2013

At September 30th 2013, an updated version of GstarCAD8 launched a package of improvements with important additions that previous patch version could not support, including bug fixes. These improvements, additions and bug fixes have been categorized as follow: Interface, 3D commands, and Modify commands, Block, Dimension, Tools and Output. This patch version gives users more fluid experience to plenty take advantage their complex tasks faster and efficiently. Please go to to download to have a new design experience.

Interface Improvement

Switching between Model and Layout Spaces: In comparison with previous GstarCAD8 patch version, now users are able to switch between model and layout spaces smoothly, especially when users create multiple viewports in layout space.

3D command Addition

SOLPROF command: GstarCAD8 previous version could not support SOLPROFcommand, now users can execute SOLPROF to automatically create 2D projection profile of 3D solid model in paper space, consisting of visible and hidden lines placed into different layers.

3D Command Bug Fixes and Improvements

RENDER, HIDE, SHADED commands: Some bug fixes and improvements have been done for RENDER, HIDE and SHADE commands to create a photorealistic, presentation-quality image that illustrates your vision, as well executing hide and shade commands before reaching your target representation.