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GstarCAD8 September 30th Patch Version -- Improvements and updates Introduction (2)

   October 22, 2013

At September 30th 2013, an updated version of GstarCAD8 launched a package of improvements with important additions that previous patch version could not support, including bug fixes. These improvements, additions and bug fixes have been categorized as follow: Interface, 3D commands, and Modify commands, Block, Dimension, Tools and Output. This patch version gives users more fluid experience to plenty take advantage their complex tasks faster and efficiently. Please go to to download to have a new design experience.

Modify Commands Improvement and Bug fixes

FILLET, CHAMFER and TRIM commands: Several bug fixes and improvements have been done for FILLET, CHAMFER and TRIM commands. Now users can leverage the usability of fillet, trim and even chamfer to extend end point objects or by holding down SHIFT key to accomplish it. See the result below:

OFFSET command: As well as the modify commands mentioned above; bug fixes and improvements have been done for OFFSET command. Now this command supports an agile option to offset a selected object at BOTH sides automatically. With this new option, users do not need to select the source object each time when they want to offset a certain distance/side.

HATCH, BHATCH and HATCHEDIT commands: In GstarCAD8 previous patch version had some problems when performing any of these three commands, now most of these problems have been fixed. Also users could not trim a hatch pattern. Now trim a hatch pattern is easier as using trim command. To make sure of a correct trim procedure, the intersected object end points must be extended beyond the non-visible hatch pattern boundary. See the result below: