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GstarCAD8 September 30th Patch Version -- Improvements and updates Introduction (3)

   November 01, 2013

It has been one month since the latest patch version of GstarCAD8, this was an updated version of GstarCAD8 launched a package of improvements with important additions that previous patch version could not support, including bug fixes. These improvements, additions and bug fixes have been categorized as follow: Interface, 3D commands, and Modify commands, Block, Dimension, Tools and Output. This patch version gives users more fluid experience to plenty take advantage their complex tasks faster and efficiently. Please go to to download to have a new design experience.

Block Editor Improvement

Dynamic Block Editor: In GstarCAD8 previous patch version, when users were working under 2D DRAFTING workspace and wanted to access to dynamic block editor, the block editor panels were shown as toolbars. Now the block editor panels are displayed correctly as ribbon panels.

Other Commands Bug Fixed

Commands like: UNDO, LINETYPE, OPEN and XREF which in previous patch version caused errors, now most of bug submitted have been fixed.

Dimension Options Addition

Dimension options at context menu: Now users can access quickly some dimension options like: Dimension Style, Unit Precision, Remove Style Overrides, Edit Constraint and Dimension Name Format, through context menu, by selecting any dimension created and doing right click mouse on it. Also users can access some dimension options for text edition directly from dynamic input.

Tool Command Additions

Important tools like: Hide/Isolate Objects, Script and PDF to DXF have been added in this patch version. Users can access to Hide/Isolate tools from context menu or by clicking the light bulb icon on the status bar. Users can select Run Script option from tools tab at menu bar. And PDF to DXF can be accessed from express tools tab at menu bar.
*PDF to DXF is a third part application and is available if users pay for it.