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Tips for Using GstarCAD8 – Change Block Text Angle

   November 15, 2013

The GstarCAD Express Tools contain a library of productivity tools designed to help you extend the power of your design. They are easy to use, easily integrated into your menus and toolbars, and cover a wide range of functions, including dimensioning, drawing, and selecting and modifying objects. Now, we'll do a brief introduction about Change Block Text Angle function:

Change Block Text Angle: This function can change the text rotation angle of the block and it only takes effect on text or mtext, attribute text can’t be changed.

There are two ways to open this command:

1. Menu: Express>Blocks>Change Block Text Angle
2. Command Entry: bChgAng

Operation steps:
1. Start the command.
2. Input new text angle (comparative with @) <0>: input 0.
3. Select the block to change text angle: then Select objects:
4. Finish changing the text angle.