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Powerful Display Performance of GstarCAD8

   December 16, 2013

Drawings are the most important elements for CAD design, the CAD user experience is due to the ability of display of a drawing. To provide a better display performance, the engine and the software architecture of GstarCAD8 were optimized to improve users’ experience.

1. Drawing display performance

Self-developed ore structure and the drawing engine are the base of the improvement of display performance of GstarCAD8. It has been proved that, this platform makes its graphic speed and user operation 3-5 times faster.

The performance, stability and compatibility are all improved, because of the brand new core architecture, the development and functions improvement will be more speedy and humanized. Smart Graphic Partition, Categorized Memory Storage Management and Self-adaptive Data Model enhanced the mechanism of dispatching order to improve the performance greatly.

2. High Displaying Accuracy

GstarCAD8 adopts a brand new software engine and innovative technologies for complex drawings, such as, Pline, Spline and intensive hatch. The pictures below are in proportion of 1:1500 and 1:3000 hatch pattern, the drawing of 1:3000 is much bigger and there are more units in it. And they are showed exactly accurate by GstarCAD8.

3. High Displaying Stability

Displaying stability is a key factor affecting the user experience, GstarCAD8 enhanced the memory mechanism to enhance the displaying stability and to assure the software not to collapse under any condition. There is a topographic map below, it was composed by millions of contour lines, and when we moved it in the GstarCAD8 window, it was smooth enough that the color had not changed a bit. Furthermore, GstarCAD8 adopts many other creative technologies to improve the performance, stability, compatibility and so on.