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Brand New GstarCAD8 Global Release

   April 10, 2013

April 10, 2013, Gstarsoft released a brand new CAD platform – GstarCAD8, GstarCAD8 not only realized the core technology independent but also enhanced the speed, stability and compatibility greatly, delivering to CAD users a new user interaction experience. The version number was named as “8” means a new milestone for Gstarsoft, just as “∞” symbol that expresses the infinite possibility and creation that never ceases. Once more, GstarCAD8 will lead the development of CAD software.

Vice President of Gstarsoft, Liang Jiang said, “Previous versions of GstarCAD platform were limited by the basic architecture of the software, so there were bottlenecks in performance and stability, also, it’s hard to meet users’ requirements of customization and multi-language. 3 years ago, nearly 100 programmers of Gstarsoft wrote millions lines of software code according to thousands of feedbacks by users, finally, GstarCAD8 was completed after 3 years.

The best feature of this platform is the adoption of a leading core architecture that works bonded via:

A number of innovative technologies, speed for your design

GstarCAD8 hosts new technologies like Smart Graphic Partition, Categorized Memory Storage Management and Self-adaptive data model that are focused on boosting graphic display speed with lower memory usage through an efficient data storage management to improve the speed and performance of CAD drawings. The users can feel the difference how faster is using GstarCAD8. Furthermore the LISP rewriting performance is 5 to 10 times faster as well as porting APIs; the graphic display speed comes in action when highlighting objects, zoom in/out, pan and endless operations either basic or complex. The graphic speed is thanks to the new technologies that come with GstarCAD8. GstarCAD8 is more closed to “the fastest CAD in the world”.

Modular software architecture, secure drawings

In GstarCAD previous versions, every functional module was overlapped, so when a bug or error came out, it was more difficult to identify and fix, that means the bug interlock other functional modules making the software even not a 90% stable. In GstarCAD8, any single bug or error can be easily pinpointed within independent functional module and fixed without having effect on other modules, to avoid functional interlock which may lead to system crash. GstarCAD8 also inherits the advantages of previous versions, the drawings can be automatic saved regularly, it ensures the production of designers can be restored if unexpected error occurs.

Seamless formats and APIs compatibility

To ensure the availability and usability of GstarCAD8, it reserves the operation habits of previous versions and provides a Ribbon interface to meet the design requirements of users, and the compatibility between GstarCAD platform and secondary development software also has been tested and improved. A number of GRX parameter has been added into GstarCAD8 to transplant ARX to GstarCAD8 in a breeze. Plug-ins of LSP/FAS/VLX can be directly run on GstarCAD8.

Mobile design for anytime and anywhere

GstarCAD8 will integrate with GstarCAD MC and GstarCAD WEB to form a CAD solution for the future. .dwg files can be input into GstarCAD MC, it enables designers to browse, edit and share .dwg files anytime and anywhere. GstarCAD WEB is a cloud application of GstarCAD development, the designing of .dwg files can be done via web browser even without CAD software. It will be integrated with Gstar Documentation System to become a CAD coordinated system based on cloud storage and mobile internet.

The Standing Vice President of Gstarsoft, Liang Haixia said, “GstarCAD8 is a milestone in GstarCAD’s history, it is also an accomplishment after our 20 years’ innovative research and development. Gstarsoft expects the releasing of GstarCAD8 as a start point to raise the position in world markets and to provide more powerful support for manufacture and construction industry”.