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GstarCAD Marketing Symposium 2013 Successfully Held in Beijing

   April 27, 2013

Beijing, China: April 27, 2013—GstarCAD, the leading 2D/3D CAD software provider today announced that its annual marketing symposium had been successfully held in Beijing, China on 10th, April, 2013. Distributors of GstarCAD around the world attended this 2-day symposium.

During the symposium, latest product – GstarCAD8 was officially released. GstarCAD8 is a brand new CAD platform developed over 3 years by Gstarsoft. This platform is powered by a completely new engine and a number of innovative technologies to make its graphic speed and users operation 3-5 times faster while the memory usage is around 40%-50% less than previous GstarCAD versions. The new software architecture also gives big room for further performance and improvement in the future, which will possibly make GstarCAD become the fastest CAD platform in the world.

GstarCAD8 was displayed through live demo to attendees by Product Manager of Gstarsoft. In the marketing and sales discussion session, all the conventioneers actively participated in it. They took this opportunity to discuss the strategies and techniques of marketing and product promotion and also shared their experiences and stories with each other; such as how to get profit from on-line marketing, how to promote sales capacity, how to make seminar successfully, and wonderful experiences about Newsletter etc.

Afterwards, Regional Meetings were held to discuss the future strategy in each region. All of the distributors exclaimed that they benefited a lot from this symposium through deep exchange. The symposium was crowned with complete success. And Gstarsoft would provide more powerful support for each distributor to help them open up new markets and improve CAD software solution.

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